“Kensington Training is deeply aware that education is a two-fold process and supports the theoretical classes with field trips and hands-on training, providing its students with a thorough professional education experience.”

Nermin ÇAKIR, Founder

Who We Are

Kensington Training, a branch of the central Kensington Academy language school founded in London in 1978, has been active in Turkey for many years. It inherits its power from an institution that determines the standards of the language education industry. With this power and the strength derived from the geographical position of the region, Kensington Training analyses the educational needs of the establishments in and around the region. Aiming to become an institution that meets the linguistic and technical needs of companies active in oil, gas, energy and petrochemistry industry, it transformed in 2010 completely. It has now become technical and linguistic education centre that offers university level guidance rather than acting as only a language school. Kensington Training offers its participants the experience of an education in a high level establishment by combining its experience in management and consultancy acquired in years with its expert staff. The centre also makes sure trainees are welcome through traditional Turkish hospitality for the duration of their chosen program.

Kensington Training has been providing highly specialised oil & gas business training to governments and international organisations for 40 years. Delivered by industry renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge in their respected fields, our courses are designed to meet specific business critical issues, allowing participants to gain practical tools and lessons that are transferrable back to the work place and help achieve their company objectives.

The training provider for the oil, gas and infrastructure industries, with established relationships with 25+ of the world’s Governments and National Oil Companies. We have produced over 400+ training courses in the last 10 years.

Our strategic gatherings have become widely acknowledged within the energy industry around the world for their proven quality, prestigious level of government attendance and senior industry delegations.

What We Do

Kensington Training offers educational options that can easily be adapted to companies’ needs along with short term and long term programs, providing its trainees with the highest quality of education. The institution takes away the concept of laboratory that is essential for technical training from a traditional approach and thus, from a particular room. This is achieved by including laptop computers in the class material trainees are welcome use during and after their education. Kensington Training is deeply aware that education is a two-fold process and supports the theoretical classes with field trips and hands-on training, providing its trainees with a thorough professional education experience. Thanks to the structure of laboratory classes, trainees are able to use their personal laboratories both in class and at home, as well as on field trips that take place during the education process.

Kensington Training prepares specialised and flexible education programs. These are designed by professionals based on the needs of trainees and allows companies to offer their staff scalable education through programs with a high return for investment. Kensington Training’s innovative “personal laboratory” approach offered in technical education is strongly similar to the one adopted for its language programs. The effect of rapidly advancing technology and the change the world is going through is felt perhaps most strongly in the linguistic fields. Kensington Training considers tablet computers as an absolute requirement for trainees in order for them to be able to follow the most contemporary methods in this process of constant development and change. Therefore, materials participants are provided with include such devices.

Kensington Training prides itself on possessing the positive aspects of a corporation that is able to set up long-term plans, manage processes with pre-analysed results and obtain reportable results. At the same time, it maintains the air of a people-oriented education enthusiast through the opportunities it offers trainees after observing the perpetually changing effects of world dynamics on people and people’s needs in face of such developments.

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Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder

Our Story

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Our Vision

Our vision is to play a leading role in the development of major oil, gas and infrastructure markets and to be recognised as the world leader in providing industry training courses. Kensington strives to remain the trusted partner of choice for Governments, NOCs and industry stakeholders.

Our Mission

Kensington’s mission is to provide premium training courses. Through our expertise and commitment to long-term relationships we aim to connect our extensive network of industry leaders, promote business opportunities, provide promotional platforms for both governments and industry as well as deliver first-class training programmes to our clients.

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